I’ve written before about my love of small books, but these past few days I’ve re-discovered a love of small blogs, small newsletters, and small products in general.CJ Chilvers

Funny, I was just thinking about this today, but maybe from a slightly different perspective. That in the context of globalisation and information overload and social-media followings of tens of thousands and advertising fatigue and huge, faceless corporations, people are starting to recognise the value of and return to the small, the personal, the local, the handmade, the sustainable, the modest, and the minimal. They’re starting to see that care and specificity and relationships are really what counts.

A selection of Penguins

Crate of Penguins is one of my favourite blogs, but it’s archived at the moment, so I snuck round the back, crawled up through a window Sid had left open, and freed a bunch of my favourite penguins for you to enjoy. Hopefully Sid doesn’t come looking for them too soon!

The word blog is a terrible word (I don’t disagree.)
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Silence isn’t disapproval
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It’s important to me
Hey, look at me, bigtime bloggers
Don’t call it content
For what audience
Drinking the internet
The five coolest spacecraft in science fiction
Seemed so sensible
Love in clanging cymbals
A tale of two Markdowns
God-centredness and the Benedict Option
Give your idea a chance

What you have

Other people may be smarter than you. They may know more about world history, science, or literature. They may have facts and figures to disorient you. They may be quicker off the mark. They may leave you fumbling for words when you’re trying to tell them about your simple faith. They may even expose some areas of fear and doubt in you.

But what you have is love for God. And that counts for more than anything the world prides itself on.