Faith is a fight

Every morning, I get up
and put on the gloves

Every day, the world tries
to beat it out of me

Every night, I whisper to you
through fat lips:

You are my prize

Let me fight a little better



I first published this in a personal newsletter on 17/3/16.

6 thoughts on “Faith is a fight

  1. I love this poem Chris, it sums up so well the experience of starting each day with good intentions and faith but having them beaten out of me as the day progresses


    1. I’ve realised that faith (or maybe the outworking of it) has never come easily to me, but it has stayed, over thirty years, so there must be some substance to it.

      I think, too, I often focus on my struggles, but there have been countless instances of peace, and joy, and sensing God’s nearness, which have sustained me. Whatever’s beneath all the difficulty—and Jesus said there would be some—I’m still here, and I still see him as the greatest thing I could desire.


  2. Thanks for sharing your poetry. It’s interesting the combination of fighting and faith. It seems as if faith and fighting have been connected for millennium.


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