The trees say slow.

The birds say slow.

The flowers say slow.

Even the word on the road says ‘slow’.

But we go about our business,


7 thoughts on “Deaf

  1. Chris, after looking through your poems, I think this one is my favorites. You have great observational powers and your work comes across as austere without being simplistic. Here, as in your other work there is emotion without saccharine sentimentality. Thanks for slowing down enough to hear this poem, and for taking the time to write it.

    Have you attempted any longer pieces yet? They can be daunting, but I’d be curious to see where you go with one.


    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my poems, Jedidiah, and for the specific feedback!

      Funnily enough, this one felt a bit contrived in the making. It started with me noticing the word ‘slow’ on the road and building an idea from that, not from noticing a message the trees, birds, and flowers were sending, like the poem might suggest. However, the sentiment is genuine, and it’s a theme that’s often on my mind. I like how the poem turned out, too.

      I’ve only attempted one significantly longer poem, but I have a couple of reservations about that. I might publish it anyway (along with a bunch of others) and see what you think. As you say, longer poems are a bit daunting, and it’s relatively easy (and exciting) to knock off something short and just publish it. In some ways, that’s good, because it heads off my perfectionism, and I get to see how people respond; in other ways it’s not, because I’m not letting the poems develop fully. Definitely something to work on. 🙂

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      1. It’s funny where the inspiration for poems can come from. At the end of the day I suppose the execution of the poem is what is most important. Look forward to reading more of your work, especially your longer piece.


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