Some IndieWeb decisions

After reading a handful of Colin Devroe’s posts (links at the bottom), I’ve made a few decisions:

  • I’m not going to POSSE. This is a pretty easy decision, because, apart from LinkedIn, I’m not on social networks anymore. I could jump back on, of course, and it would probably help my site discoverability, but I feel tired just thinking about it (Twitter and Google+ et al., let alone the work involved in POSSE), and I’d rather focus on writing and growing my audience, albeit slowly, here. Admittedly, is attractive, but I still have my concerns about people reading and commenting there, outside of the full context of my site. And as Colin says, “I’m beginning to wonder if I need [a account] as I have my own fully functional weblog.”
  • I am going to support Webmentions. This seems worthwhile. I want to give people the flexibility to respond on their own sites, and be able to display links to those responses on my site (and vice versa). But I’ll only display the basic Webmentions for now. I know a lot of Indiewebbers hack their sites to include reply text and make Webmentions look better, but I don’t want to get distracted doing that. Maybe some kind person will create a plugin that does it1.
  • I’m going to continue to support traditional comments. I still really like them and love to receive them, and not everyone wants to write a post on their own blog just to say, hey I liked this, and here’s a couple more thoughts. They’re certainly better than comments being on social networks too. By the way, for those of you who don’t like to comment publicly, there’s an email address on my About page. I love getting emails too. 🙂
  • I’m not going to stick every little thing on my website. Like the two Colins (Devroe and Walker) have been discussing, some things, like short comments, are more appropriate in the context/on the site of the original post. So, where people have traditional comments enabled, I’ll continue to use those. And where they don’t, I’ll use email (if they’ve made it available).
  • I’m not going to add a manual Webmention box under my comment form. I think it’s potentially confusing for people who already struggle with how to use traditional comments, and I suspect that most people who are familiar with Webmentions have probably implemented them on their sites anyway.

I like the IndieWeb movement, and I’m enjoying interacting with some of the bloggers who are part of it. I just have to pick and choose the features I implement so that I don’t get distracted from the reason I started an indie site in the first place: to write.

Colin’s posts:

Thanks, Colin, for confirming some of the things I was thinking, and helping cement some of my decisions.

1. I’m already using the Semantic Linkbacks plugin, which is supposed to make Webmentions look a little bit prettier. I think there’s more work to be done in this area, though.

Update (9/9/17): Webmentions are a bit hit or miss at the moment. Colin Devroe responded to this post, but the Webmention didn’t appear here. Here’s his response.

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