I want art

The Weeders painting by Jules Breton

I’m tired of the noise in the world—online, in particular. And I’m tired of the noise in my head. That’s why, more and more, I’m turning to poetry.

I want a quiet place to feel something, to be moved.

I want to savour words, not absorb them like machine-gun fire.

I want to be awakened and surprised again.

I want a new way to meet with God.

I want to be changed.

I want art. And I want to make it too.

That’s why, after eight years of writing (mostly) prose online, I’ve decided to focus on poetry.

I’m still very new to it, so I don’t know whether I can actually become a respectable poet, but I’m going to try. It might take a while.

I don’t have any new poems lined up just yet, so I might republish a few of my existing ones. I hope you enjoy them.


Image: ‘The Weeders’ by Jules Breton